Victoria's Secret Oasis Blooms Perfume by Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Oasis Blooms Perfume

By Victoria's Secret FOR Women

The America-based brand Victoria’s secret revealed the refreshing door of enchanted aroma with its limited-edition Fresh oasis fragrance mist series; the Oasis Bloom is an enthralling addition in the series, which was brought on the board in the year 2020. The mist indulges with an immense freshness, enchantment, and soothing aroma caused by its intriguingly magnetic and tempting essence. The majestical magnificence of the mist was directed from the honest mingling of aromatic, fruity accord backed up by other citrusy, gourmand additives. The ethical fusion of citrus blossom at the top and heart followed with the effective milky rick notes at based invent its tantalizing charm, which is exquisitely suited for warmer day outings.


Launched by Victoria's secret.

Eau de parfum.

An Aromatic fruity Fragrance Mist for women.

Convenient for warm and summer day outing.

With the finest weight and delicate silage.

The product is 100% authentic by their original designer.

About The Brand-

The legend Victoria secret is popular American clothing, lingerie and beauty accessories retailing organization established by Roy Raymond and Gaye Raymond in 1977. The store was lingerie-oriented; hence it has its first name from the Victorian era (as in Queen Victoria) and the last name from lingerie as hidden under the clothes like a secret. Soon after the launch in the next few years, they became a huge retailer that included clothing, lingerie, swimwear, shoe, etc.; they launched the first fragrance line in1989.

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